about us

At Films is a Jordanian full-service independent production house that focuses on creating creative media production work and training, provides a committed group of professionals dedicated to translating a vision into exceptional and compelling videos from A to Z, and believes in the power of media in improving the life


At Films produced several media projects for local and regional partners in the form of feature and short films, commercials, awareness campaigns, drama, documentaries, events coverage, digital media projects and TV programs. Each of these projects focuses on a different theme such as human rights, social diseases, women’s rights, religion, fashion, tourism and much more. All of these projects were in the title of the best quality and client satisfaction.


“At Films” projects that were published on social media platforms received millions of views and thousands of shares. Other projects have received several regional and international awards from Istanbul, Dubai, Delhi, Khartoum and others. 


At Films offers its knowledge and experience through seminars, workshops and training courses on filmmaking, screenwriting, video editing, photography and digital media content. Our crew provided its services worldwide and has conducted projects and/or training in: Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, KSA, Kuwait, Oman, Lebanon, Turkey, USA, and Jordan where At Films is based

The Founders


Tareq Baddar, Filmmaker, working in the media field since 2009, has a Diploma in Filmmaking from NYFA in Doha. Directed three short fiction films: “Parallel World”, “Hoyam”, “Three Minutes in Jerusalem”. The first two films have been selected in more than 35 festivals around the world, and won three awards from India and Sudan. The third one got more than 300’000 views on the internet. Directed “The Forgotten”, his first feature documentary talking about Burmese refugees in Bangladesh. This film has been selected in more than 15 film festivals, and won two awards from India and Spain. Worked as a producer for “Touchline”, a short fiction film in 2020, which won a grant from the Jordan Film Fund. Conducted several filmmaking, workshops and courses in various middle eastern countries. Co-founded “At Films”, his own film company at the beginning of 2017.


Ala Hamdan, a film director, a visual storyteller and Co-founder of At Films. She studied filmmaking and screenwriting at NYFA. Some of her projects reached million of views on social media. Ala presented a TV program titled (Cinerama) on Roya channel. Through At Films, Ala has conducted several projects with Sadeem, the UN and others. 

Ala is the co-auther of (Muslims of the World) book which was listed as Amazon best-seller in its category on 2018.